NOLA Part 1


Shameless selfie πŸ‘“


I dont know why my sister’s phone does this but this picture looks so pixelated!










Their drinks were enormous!!

 So this post is about 5 days late because I used up all of my data and then purchased more data and used all of that too haha I would have done it on my computer but the wifi at our hotel was horrible! So finally I can put up some pictures from New Orleans!!

I absolutely love this black maxi dress from Forever 21! It was perfect for New Orleans because it’s so hot there! The humidity is out of control!! But this dress made it a little more bearable. Pairing it with my favorite  Karen Walker Super Duper Strength sunglasses was not a great idea however. Can you say sunglass-tan?! Oh well, at least they look cute πŸ™‚

Most of the other pictures are from the French Market. They were actually shooting a commercial at the market for Popeye’s so they had a whole bunch of set designers organizing all of the produce and spices into pretty racks and cool shapes. As if the colors weren’t beautiful enough already! They had a variety of foods and handmade goodies to choose from. I just loved he atmosphere! 

I’m on my way to Williamsburg, Virginia now but I will keep putting up my pictures from the remainder of the vacation until I catch up! Hopefully the wifi at this hotel is better than the last one *fingers crossed*

XO Kim


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